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February 28, 2024

Why Flushing Your Tankless Water Heater is a Must

Imagine your tankless water heater as a tireless hero, standing guard against cold showers and lukewarm dishwashing. Unlike the traditional water heater that stores and heats water, a tankless water heater heats water on demand, a technological and design improvement assuring a nearly endless supply of hot water. But even these heroes need a little TLC, and that's where flushing comes in. Think of it as a spring cleaning, banishing mineral buildup and restoring optimal performance.

Why is flushing so important? Hard water, the nemesis of all pipes, leaves behind mineral deposits, slowing down the water flow and making your heater work harder. Hard water minerals can also interfere with the function of internal working components of a tankless water heater and externally installed fittings (such as check valves) required for its installation. This can translate to lukewarm showers, frustrating pressure drops, and even higher energy bills. Flushing is your ultimate weapon, dissolving the mineral deposits and restoring the smooth, flow of your hot water. In a traditional water heater, mineral build-ups generally would not impact a water heater’s ability to provide hot water as it uses a storage tank. Over time however, the mineral deposits would affect a traditional water heater’s ability to store its full capacity and would eventually corrode the tank itself. Unlike your traditional water heater, a tankless water heater can provide hot water as long as you demand it but there is a necessity for periodic maintenance.

If you decide to do your own water heater maintenance, be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for the model installed in your home. Some of the steps and type of flushing solution may vary. Flushing is a relatively simple process. With some basic equipment and online tutorials, a Do-It-Yourself homeowner can perform this maintenance when necessary. If you're not comfortable addressing your plumbing needs, then contacting a licensed plumber to perform this process is just as easy to do as well. For any service needs beyond flushing, it's best to call in a licensed plumber. They'll have the tools and expertise to safely and effectively flush your heater and address any other concerns you may have. Keep in mind that improper maintenance can void your warranty. So, skip the lukewarm showers and embrace the power of a clean, efficient tankless water heater. Give it the gift of a flush, and ensure your hot water keeps flowing happily for years to come.

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