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March 15, 2023

It’s Time for a Roof Check

Spring is the perfect time to have your roof checked for any possible homeowner maintenance concerns ordamage. Winter storms can cause damage to asphalt roofing shingles and concrete roof tiles. Even small damages such as loose or slipped tiles, or roof sealant deterioration can lead to larger problems if not repaired right away.

A roof inspection can identify any concerns and help you get it repaired before it becomes a bigger problem. You should never walk on your roof. Climbing a ladder and stepping onto your roof is dangerous, so leave it to the pros. 

Here are some tips for having your roof checked in the spring:

  • Look for any missing, damaged, or worn shingles from the ground or through a second story window view if possible.
  • Make sure the valleys are clear so the water sheds quickly. Concrete roof tile valleys can be harder to identify due to their installation application. Asphalt roof shingles generally have easily identifiable roof valleys.
  • Check your gutters for debris if it can be done safely from a ladder. Second story gutters may require a professional service.
  • Look for any signs of water damage inside your home. Unfortunately roof leaks can happen but are generally easily identifiable by water stains on the ceiling.
  • Please be aware of outside trade professionals such as holiday light installers, solar / pool companies, satellite TV companies, painters, gutter cleaners, etc. who can damage roof tiles and create possible roofing concerns. Such damage is not a warrantable through JMC Homes.

Do not let roof leaks go unaddressed! If you find any damage, it's important to get it repaired as soon as possible. A roof inspection can help you identify any damage and get it repaired before it becomes a bigger problem. Your installing roofer can assist you with this homeowner maintenance responsibility. Their number will be located in your JMC Homes Home Care Guide.

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