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Welcome to your new JMC Home

Thank you for the recent purchase of your new JMC Home. For over forty years JMC Homes has been building homes in the greater Sacramento Region. We take pride in the fact that many of the people involved in the construction of your home are long term employees of JMC Homes. Beginning with the original design, the actual framing of your home, and the ultimate Customer Care we provide, the JMC Homes team has constructed one of the finest homes available.

Customer Care & Warranty

The following items are located under "Download" on this page

Fit & Finish Warranty

The Fit & Finish Warranty details what is covered by the JMC Homes 1 year warranty.

Home Maintenance Recommendations

This list is provided to you for the purpose of understanding the importance of maintenance as it relates to the life of a component(s) in your home. Under California law, a homeowner is required to maintain his or her home according to reasonable maintenance standards.

Senate Bill 800

Senate Bill 800, (also known as SB800, the "Fix It" Bill, or "Right to Repair" Bill) became law in the State of California January 1, 2003. The intent of the law is to afford both homeowners and homebuilders the opportunity for quick and fair resolution of claims. Outlined in the bill are the Functionality Standards for the different components in the home.

Contacting the Customer Care Department

This document will guide you on who to contact if you need service. If you need to submit a customer care request, the form is accessed via the button below.

For any after hours or weekend emergencies, please refer to the emergency numbers provided in your Home Care Guide. Please submit a request below and we will contact you the following business day.

Submit a customer care request

Click below to fill out a customer care request and we will respond within 2 business days.