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The Latest Customer Reviews

Solid company, good build quality for planned development (I used to build custom homes), professional and non-pushy sales reps.
May God Bless You All!
This is the only home that we saw that was not a " Cookie Cutter" home.
The best builder in the Roseville / Sacramento area. Best value and by far best quality home for the money. Very friendly and helpful staff! Highly recommend buying a JMC home!
Sandy and the rest of the company were really good! She was awesome and helped us tremendously during the whole process and did an amazing job.
Everything was great.
Scott Baker- superintendent/project manager was particularly kind, advocates for the homeowners and understanding about the issues. Vance who did the walkthrough was really good when we went through and even spotted little things that I didn't even take note of so he took note of them.
Everybody in the process has been fantastic and knowledgeable. The customer service is exceptionally high. I am very pleased to deal with everyone on every level.
Roxanne is one of the best people to work, with she was fabulous. She took all of our stress away.
We are very pleased and glad that we did it.
I have to say how well I worked with Debbie. I felt that she went over and above to take care of me and my mom during the entire process to get us moved in. Since we have been here, everyone including the construction crew and the walkthrough guys has all been really attentive and seemed to have a real interest in making sure that everything is just the way it should be.
Kimberly went above and beyond more than anybody I have met. She entertained us at a moments notice and is a great sales agent. She was the best part of buying the home. I have talked to my neighbors and they feel the same way.
I am enjoying my beautiful and the added amenities that came with the price of the home.
Everyone was very knowledgeable and very helpful.
All in all we love our JMC home! The team was and still is very helpful. Great experience!Summit funding was amazing too!