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The Latest Customer Reviews

The team has been very phenomenal, despite a few issues such as backporch electrical and our heater not working. They've been ready to resolve that, though, and have been very helpful. They gave us all the tools we needed to succeed.
Definitely will recommend
Wonderful experience
I would recommend others to purchase JMC Homes!
We had a great experience purchasing a home through JMC! Debbie is amazing to work with and has all the answers (if she doesn't, she does her best to get them for you!). We did our initial walk-throughs with Connor before closing. He is very knowledgeable and did a fantastic job of explaining the details of the home's features, he also has a great eye for catching anything that needs to be fixed! Shane is great! He came over right away and took care of some minor repair items that needed looked at after we moved in. There is a lot to purchasing a new home and I really think that the people we worked with did a great job in getting us through the process.
I have had three JMC homes and I recommended them to my niece.
We love seeing the home being built
JMC homes are built to quality standards and delivered on promised date.Also the staff is very helpful. Jesse made the buying process stress free by explaining in detail the various stages and timelines in the whole uying process.
Overall we went with JMC due to the curb appeal, price included designer packages, lot premiums, and solar. No hidden fees or feeling like compromising for upgrades. Happy with our home.
Thank you JMC Home for the opportunity of buying my home
We would definitely recommend JMC homes. Our experience was extremely easy and seamless. From the purchase agreement to final walk through their personnel were very professional and answered all of our questions. Jim stout in sales is an incredible sales representative. His guidance and direction is impeccable. For these reasons is why we would recommend JMC homes.
The style is incredible. Lots of light (windows). Heater is quiet. Kitchen pantry and open shelf wall.
They are fine. They are listening to us and what we need. They are good. We are pretty much satisfied.