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We Survey Our Buyers

Cindy Wood was part of the reason we were so comfortable moving so fast for the home. She was absolutely amazing and wonderful to deal with. Any questions he had we got a response same day, if not in a matter of moments - even on her days off. She handled things that honestly I didn't think she had to, but she did because she knew it would mean less stress on us. I can not sing Cindy's praises enough. We noticed after moving in a problem with a wall and the online customer service was able to get to us within hours, and sent someone out to see us the next day. The fixing it was complicated because of our schedule, but it is also being handled within a timely manner and the gentleman that came over to see it was also curteous and polite. Over all the JMC Homes crew are amazing and wonderful to deal with at every turn.
Everyone from start to finish made this experience great.
Great company, responsive; love their product and design.
They are a great company and are very responsive. They fixed any issues immediately.
Jim Stout has gone above and beyond for us and we are extremely happy to be in a community that he is overseeing. He has been fantastic.
Thank you for the attention to detail and providing great support from everyone involved in the project including Jim, Marcus, Fabian, and Samantha. We have asked a lot of questions and everyone has done a great job finding the answers and making sure we understood them. Marcus went the extra mile to wrap up some lose ends to ensure we could close on schedule and hit an early recording time. We are looking forward to watching our community develop!
A reliable local builder that we soon decided to purchase our house from after a few trips of house tours from various builders in the area. Very happy with our new home!
Joey was absolutely AMAZING!!!!! Started the process with Roxanne, and Joey took over seamlessly!
Thank you for making our building experience enjoyable.
If you are looking for a quality built home and local builders and suppliers, then JMC Homes is the way to go.
I hope they keep building because I have a daughter that will need a home soon in this area.
My great new home experience started the day of my first visit to the JMC Reserve sales office. The sales staff immediately made me feel at home and maintained that level of support even beyond the day that they handed me the keys to my new JMC house.
JMC especially Joey (our sales person) was very accommodating and helpful. This is our second JMC home and highly recommend the builder.
Thank you for everything! We are so grateful for our beautiful home and everyone who made it possible :-)