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The Latest Customer Reviews

Kimberly was a delight to work with!
JMC is a local builder with a great reputation. Their homes and service are top notch!
This is our second JMC home in the last 14 years and we'd be happy to recommend this builder to friends and family.
It's been a perfect move from start to finish.
JMC Homes builds excellent quality homes and their customer service is outstanding!
They were a great builder to work with.
There's nothing really more. Dave was a pleasure to work with. I appreciate all his help. I'm super ecstatic about my purchase. I wouldn't have done it any other way. I'm very thankful for all their help. I hope they have a good 2021.
Sandy Hall was the best part of purchasing the home. She was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and kept us informed throughout the whole process.
I already have and am hoping they will move up this way in the next year :)
Everything was great from start to finish.
I don't think so right now.
On the JMC end it was a smooth and seamless process, no issues at all. Very easy especially with Mr Stout.
Everything so far is smooth.
First the sales team at JMC was super supportive and helpful during the entire sales process. The home construction and addition to detail has proven to be a pleasant surprise along with the support they provide during the walk throughs with Steve and Vincent was first class.
We are happy with the spaciousness of the house and feel it was a good value for the price.