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The Latest Customer Reviews

The salesperson was great, and Mike was great.
Our friends are building a new home: Toll Brothers / Oakcrest in Whitney Ranch. One of the options they have is to have the backyard finished, whether that is landscaping or even a pool. They have vendors that do the designing and the work during the construction of the home. It would be very nice if we would have the option of a finished backyard! It would save homeowners a lot of time and headache.
All in all we love our JMC home! The team was and still is very helpful. Great experience!Summit funding was amazing too!
This is our second purchase of a JMC home. We love the workmanship and all of the people that work for JMC. We would never even consider a different builder! We love our new home!
Keen was hands down the best agent.
JMC Homes is a great builder if you are ever considering building a new home. I am very particular about choosing a builder and I am only looking for high quality and standards in a builder. JMC exceeded my expectations and not only built us a beautiful modern home but was there if we needed them for any issues after moving in. JMC brings you peace of mind, high quality craftsmanship, and an overall great experience.
Scott Baker- superintendent/project manager was particularly kind, advocates for the homeowners and understanding about the issues. Vance who did the walkthrough was really good when we went through and even spotted little things that I didn't even take note of so he took note of them.
I heard about JMC quality and design before. Almost for a year I was searching house in this neighborhood, but none of them good at first glance. Always something missing or wrong until I saw this JMC home. I Didn't have think twice. Love the customer service, design, quality and overall service.
I love my JMC home down to the very last detail! Amazing builders!
I think JMC is a good quality builder so far, and they are very friendly.
Jason was very helpful and responsive during the buying process. My wife and I are very happy with our home and the process.
I need to give a shoutout to Dave and Devin. Dave for all his help with every question I asked and for Devin for his attention to detail and sense of humor.
The best builder I have ever worked with. They made the home buying process so easy and fun.