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The Latest Customer Reviews

I would highly recommend purchasing a home with JMC, the house we bought is amazing, the process was smooth and stress free!
I wish that I did have some options. I did have the plumbing in the garage for a sink. There were lots of things I was allowed to do before. I would've liked to have done a little thing here and there with the lights and sink. I would've liked to add more little things that are necessary when living in a house.The first person is the sales person, Dave. The last person you deal with is the one that does the walk through. Lots of people are working. The person that did that walk through, Connor Sortman, was as important as Dave in the sense that he did the walk through and tested some things. He noticed things we didn't. It makes you feel like JMC wants to sell you a quality home. He really cared that you got a quality home that you were happy with. He made sure that happened with the walk trough. He's the last person and the one with the most impact on if I like the quality of my home. He is almost as important as the sales person. He made sure I was happy with the quality. It makes a difference. It shows that quality is important. That was a big deal.
I was a first time homebuyer and everyone involved in the process was super helpful in explaining the process to me. The quality of the home is great. The walkthrough crew made sure everything was done to the Superintendents high standards!
Excellent customer service at all points. Home is of high quality.
I am likely to recommend JMC Homes because it was a good home buying experience for my wife and I. Everything went really smoothly, the people were wonderful, and the process was easy for the most part.
We are very satisfied.
Thank you so much for a beautiful home!
Quality house with included upgrades like solar, flooring and fireplace. Good location. Responsive communication with builder sales and quality control staff.
If I know anyone considering a move to Rocklin I would tell them just go through the models and talk to the friendly staff. Check out the club house and services they offer.
It was a pleasant experience on our end!
The sales rep Jesse Cruz is always cheerful and very informative. Love his personality.
Definitely will recommend
We love seeing the home being built