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Models For Sale at Casa Bella

The 3,200 square foot Padrone Model at Casa BellaThe model homes are for sale at Casa Bella at Crocker Ranch in Roseville. Four models are available and ready to move in. Model homes are the dream homes of the community and include lots of options and upgrades.

New Homes Have The Edge on Upgrades


A nice couple who had been shopping for foreclosures in the area recently came into my sales office at Casa Bella looking to purchase a new home! We got to talking about why they decided to start looking at new homes. Of course I was well aware of the usual pit falls and challenges to buyers looking for “great deals” on distressed properties but this was a different perspective.

Move-in Ready Homes - A Success Story

Move-in Ready KitchenLooking around the new home landscape there isn’t a lot of building going on, but at JMC’s communities there are new homes being built all of the time. This different strategy has had many advantages for buyers, Realtors and for JMC. What are some advantages to a 1 or 2 month escrow vs. 6 to 8 months?

Are Foreclosure Deals Too Good To Be True?

Casa Bella ValenciaAs buyers come into my sales office it’s been very interesting to me to see some of the changes taking place in their perceptions of the home buying market from the past years to this year.

When the downturn in the economy started several years ago, resulting in a glut of distressed short sale and foreclosed homes on the re-sale market, many prospective buyers had high hopes of getting a “fantastic” deal on the home of their dreams! After all, if the sale price of a house is on the Internet at 15 to 20 percent below new homes or traditional homes (with equity), isn’t that a great deal? And of course everyone knows a friend, a relative, or a co-worker who got a fabulous home for next to nothing!

Well, it seems this year that dream for many buyers has turned into a nightmare when actually trying to buy that dream home...

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