About JMC Homes

Our Mission

Great people teamed with passionate leaders, providing outstanding products and service while continuing to uphold our exceptional reputation.

Over 35 Years of Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Built for Life

As a third-generation Roseville resident who has been in business for over 35 years John Mourier understands the importance of quality in a community. His company, JMC Homes, develops, designs and builds master-planned communities in the greater Sacramento area. John and Laura Mourier remain intimately involved in every aspect of the company setting the bar high for every home they put their name on. 

The Importance of Community

Community is the reason the Mourier family builds and sells homes. Growing up, the town of Roseville played an inspirational part in their lives. They continue that inspiration today as they create some of the area’s best homes and neighborhoods. The Mourier family gives back to the community not only through contributions to charitable and community organizations but also through the value that JMC Homes builds into our new homes which adds value to the community.

Our Neighbors' Homes

The greatest tributes to JMC are the second and third time JMC homebuyers who return for the quality of our homes and encourage their friends and family to do the same. These repeat buyers drive the people of JMC Homes to be the best we can be. We are building our neighbors’ homes and we build them with pride.

Customer Service

As important as quality is, backing it up with a commitment to customer service is what cements our buyers’ faith in JMC Homes. Our responsibility doesn’t end with the final walkthrough, but continues with our warranty and customer service staff who are ready to fix problems if they arise.


Partnering with you to help create the lifestyle of your dreams is what John Mourier does best. He knows that a beautiful home in a wonderful neighborhood can contribute to the way people look at their world. It can instill confidence and pride, as well as the inspiration to succeed and create.

Welcome home!